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Cosmetic dentistry is more than just about appearances; it boosts overall well-being. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health encompasses physical, social, emotional, and psychological aspects. A confident smile is a vital component of social well-being, and at Sunray Dental Centre, we recognize the profound impact of a beautiful smile on your self-esteem and quality of life. Contact us today to book a consultation with our professionals.


Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond aesthetics; it's about health.

  • Improved self-confidence and social life: A smile you're proud of can boost your self-confidence and positively affect your interactions with others. When you like your smile, you are more likely to interact positively and engage in social activities, building meaningful connections.

  • Enhanced oral health: Many cosmetic treatments not only improve the appearance of your teeth but also align them properly. Straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of gum disease, cavities, and other oral health issues.

  • Better functionality: Cosmetic dentistry can correct issues like misaligned bites and crooked teeth, improving your bite and overall dental functionality. This, in turn, can contribute to better chewing and digestion.

  • Reduced wear and tear: Certain cosmetic treatments, like dental crowns, can protect and strengthen damaged teeth, preventing further wear and tear.

  • Emotional well-being: Achieving the smile you desire can have a positive impact on your emotional well-being. Feeling satisfied with your appearance can reduce stress and enhance your overall quality of life.


At Sunray Dental Centre, we believe that everyone deserves a smile that reflects their inner confidence. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and crafting tailored cosmetic dental solutions. We use advanced digital smile assessment tools to shape your gums and teeth relative to the person's face. Thus planning everything before we begin to ensure success.

Don't let smile insecurities hold you back. Our cosmetic dentistry services are designed to enhance both your appearance and well-being. Experience the benefits of a beautiful smile for the whole family —schedule a consultation with us today. We proudly serve the Mississauga community and beyond.


A dental implant is a small titanium structure surgically positioned into the jawbone as a strong foundation for a replacement tooth. It gives an everlasting answer for a missing tooth, providing a balanced and natural look. 

At Sunray Dental Centre, our experienced crew specializes in cosmetic dentistry, offering notable dental implants that improve function and aesthetics. These implants assist patients regain confidence in their smiles while preserving oral health.


The different types of dental implants offered by us are

  • Implant crowns: They provide a long-lasting solution to replace a single missing tooth, improving every function and look.

  • Implant bridges: Our implant bridges provide a stable and lengthy alternative for replacing multiple lost teeth, making sure a natural look and experience.

  • Overdentures on implants: We offer overdentures on implants, giving patients a steady and removable solution for improved comfort and functionality.

  • Implant bar overdenture: Experience enhanced balance with our implant bar overdenture, which combines the benefits of implants and dentures for ultimate support.

  • All-on-X fixed prosthesis: It provides a permanent, full-arch replacement answer, ensuring a strong and aesthetically beautiful final result.

  • Bone graft: Our bone graft tactics facilitate a successful dental implant placement by strengthening and regenerating the jawbone shape.

  • Socket preservation: Sunray Dental Centre protects the socket to maintain bone integrity post-extraction, preparing the site for future implants.

  • Sinus lifting: Sinus lifting will increase bone mass in the top jaw, making dental implants a possible alternative for more patients.

  • Teeth extraction: We offer skilled teeth extraction services for damaged or intricate teeth, paving the way for future cosmetic dentistry treatments.


Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an advanced system that precisely diagnoses and identifies issues with any problematic aesthetic components affecting your smile.

DSD takes an in-depth look at every aspect of your dental structure to help create your ideal smile. It is an effective method for understanding, diagnosing, and planning cosmetic dentistry treatments in Mississauga, ensuring patients are completely satisfied with their final results. 

DSD follows modern technology to help clients see what their smile will look like.

  • It visualizes the treatment plans in 3-D

  • DSD simplifies the decision, making it easier to choose from

  • It increases the acceptance number of cases

  • Improve medical-to-lab workflows

At Sunray Dental Centre, we utilize DSD technology to achieve the unique aesthetic outcomes each patient desires.


Teeth whitening is a procedure by which dental bleaching materials are used to remove stains on teeth, thus making them whiter. There are two different methods for teeth whitening:

  • In-office bleaching: A high concentration of bleach material is applied and monitored in the office by a professional for two to three twenty-minute sessions. The results of in-office bleaching are rapid and effective. The results usually last one year, depending on the patient's diet.

  • At-home bleaching: a lower concentration of bleach material is applied at home through a tray under the dentist's prescription. The duration depends from person to person. The results are not as effective and take longer than in-office bleaching.


Is teeth whitening safe? yes, of course, as long as it is done under the supervision of a dentist. It is imperative that the patient does not have any diseased or damaged teeth before teeth whitening, as the bleach material can make things worse. This is why patients undergo a complete oral exam first to assess for any problems with their teeth, and then teeth whitening can be done when it is safe to do so. We strongly advise patients to whiten their teeth independently without consulting their dentist first.

Can teeth whitening damage my teeth? As long as it is done under the supervision of a dentist, no.

Are there any risks and complications to teeth whitening? The most common complication is post-operative sensitivity. It is usually short-lasting for about 24 hours. There are many factors that can make post-operative sensitivity worse for some people more than others. This why we strongly advise patients to get teeth whitening under the supervision of a dentist.

How can I achieve the best teeth-whitening results? The best results we’ve seen is two sessions of in-office bleaching followed by two weeks of at-home bleaching. The results are indeed amazing.


Veneers are fixed prostheses attached to the facial surfaces of teeth to provide a “Hollywood-like” smile. They are very cosmetic and have the best service dentistry has to offer to the world of cosmetic dentistry. Approximately 0.5mm of the tooth is polished from the outside and is replaced with a veneer. They are constructed from different types of ceramic systems, which give a shiny white appearance. Veneers are a solution if teeth whitening is not giving the desired brightness, however, veneers are not for everyone. Bruxers (people who grind their teeth) are not the best suited for veneers. It is best to consult with a dentist and assess if dental veneers are a good option for you.

The advantages of veneers are that the shade is controlled, and the results are predictable. No anesthesia is needed for this procedure, which helps make it tolerable. Unlike composite bonding, the shade is also long-lasting. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene and attend hygiene visits to keep your gums healthy around the veneers.



Are you unsure about whether our veneers in Mississauga are right for you? We invite you to consider some of their many benefits:

  • Added strength: Veneers can protect and reinforce the strength of your existing natural teeth. This is especially true for natural teeth fractured, chipped, and cracked.

  • Natural appearance: Due to developments in dental technology, veneers can be made to mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth closely. They improve your smile and add to your confidence.

  • Versatile: One of the chief benefits of veneers is that they can address countless issues. They can cover up everything, from discoloured teeth to chipped enamel.

  • Durable: With proper care, maintenance, and attention, veneers can last many years. They don't lose their lustre and are easy to take care of.

  • Quick solution: There are countless solutions to address issues such as gaps and crooked teeth. However, they almost always require lengthy orthodontic intervention. Dental veneers can camouflage all these issues without the need for extensive treatment.

Still not convinced? We would love to address your queries. Please contact our seasoned team today. Besides this, you can view our blog for more information.

Beautiful, Flawless Smile

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