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Sunray Dental Centre, in association with Rite Bite Denture & Implant Clinic in Streetsville, Mississauga (within the same office), offers denture solutions for patients, depending on their needs. We are skilled in all types of dentures and various dental appliances, including immediate dentures, Swiss precision dentures, BPS® dentures, and relines. Our denture solutions and expertise will help revive your natural smile. Call us today.


Dentures are commonly used to ensure that patients never have to be without teeth. In many cases, patients’ natural teeth are in poor health and cannot support a new denture. In this case, the first step is to extract the remaining teeth. Your bones and gums must heal before your final denture is completed. This process can take several months.


During the healing process, Rite Bite Denture & Implant Clinic uses immediate dentures, so you don’t have to be without teeth. They take impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present. After the extraction, they will have an immediate denture ready for you. There are some things to consider when using this form of denture. Since you won’t be able to try on the denture prior to extraction, there may be some aesthetic compromises. However, this typically does not cause any significant problems, and most patients are pleased with how they look.


To ensure success, please follow all post-operative instructions, including using an oral rinse or saltwater solution. Appointments will be made at approximately 30 and 90 days following the extraction to add temporary soft liners to compensate for shrinkage and changes in the bone. This will help your denture fit tightly and comfortably. Following the healing process (about 3 to 6 months), the clinic will provide a permanent reline or fabricate an entirely new denture with any changes you require. You can always use your immediate denture in emergencies.


The most commonly asked questions about dentures in Mississauga are

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are adjustable dental equipment designed to replace a missing tooth and surrounding tissues. They can be complete or partial, which means they can substitute all teeth on both the top or bottom of the gum line or only a few missing teeth. Dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth and aesthetically match your existing teeth. 

Can I Nap in My Dentures?

While it is possible to sleep in your dentures, it is usually recommended to take them out at night. Removing your dentures gives your gums and jawbone time to loosen up and recover from the pressure of wearing dentures all day. Plus, putting off your dentures at night and cleaning them well helps preserve oral hygiene and extends the lifespan of your dentures. 

What Is the Standard Price of Dentures?

The value of dentures can vary based on numerous factors, which include the type of dentures (full or partial), the materials used, and the complexity of your dental requirements. On average, you may have to spend between $300 to $1,000 for a full set of dentures. However, consulting with a dental professional for a particular estimate is important. 

How Long Do Dentures Usually Last?

Dentures generally last between five to ten years with proper care and supervision. Over time, dentures may further wear out and set less comfortably simply because of adjustments on your gums and jawbone. Regular checks can help ensure your dentures stay in proper condition and shape. 

Will Dentures Affect My Ability to Eat Certain Meals?

While there might be a setting time when you first begin wearing dentures, eventually, you will be able to consume most of your favourite foods. At first, you will be asked to stay away from very hard or sticky foods to prevent damage to your dentures and pain even when you are consuming them. Cutting meals into smaller pieces and chewing them slowly can make eating less difficult.

Contact us today to learn more about dentures in Mississauga.


At Sunray Dental Centre, we also offer dentures for those who find dental implants uncomfortable.

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