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At Sunray Dental Center, our facility is equipped with a complete digital workflow. We use CAD-CAM (computer-aided design-computer-aided milling) technology to fabricate our prostheses in house.

Examples of prostheses are crowns, veneers, bridges, implant crowns, sports guards, nightguards, and dentures. Our professional team can do it all in Streetsville, Mississauga.

The advantages of digital dentistry are:

  1. Less chair time
  2. Very high accuracy
  3. Patient comfort
the process


  1. An intra-oral or an impression is taken depending on the case.
  2. The information is sent to the lab on-site which designs the prosthesis.
  3. The prosthesis is either milled or printed.
  4. The prosthetic work is then tested and tried on a 3D-printed model.
  5. Once verified, the work is finished, polished, and ready for the patient.
modern dentistry equipment
model of teeth on a computer screen
implant model for a patient teeth on a computer screen
image of a modern dental equipment

This milling machine is one of the most robust and heavy-duty tools in the CAD-CAM world. It has an accuracy of 0.04 microns, able to mill all sorts of materials. Get in touch with us to learn more or book an appointment today.


We have the latest equipment to create customized prostheses for your comfort.

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