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Dentistry is not as bad as you think, it has come a very long way from the stone age.


Are you anxious? Don’t sweat it, you are not the only one and there are possible solutions for you. Studies show that 22% of Canadians have some form of dental anxiety. It causes missed/cancelled appointments, poor oral health, and progression of disease that may be life-threatening. 


Please do not let your dental anxiety prevent you from accessing oral health services. Let us know about your condition so we can help you and manage accordingly. 


Nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) is a very safe sedative that we provide which provides a mild form of sedation. A nose piece is inserted as we work, which delivers oxygen and nitrous.



DO NOT eat or drink anything 2 hours prior to the appointment. This includes water. Nitrous oxide can cause “stomach butterflies” (nausea), which may result in vomiting.
Wear loose clothing that does not restrict breathing and allows a blood pressure cuff to be placed on the skin of your upper arm. Please avoid turtlenecks and dresses.
DO NOT wear nail polish, shellac, or acrylic nails. A probe will be placed on your finger to monitor your pulse and oxygen while the nitrous oxide is being administered and does not work well on nail varnish or fake nails.
If you have a cold or there is nasal blockage please contact the office. We need you to be able to breathe through your nose.
All minors, 15 years old or younger, must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the consent form.
If you are required to take antibiotic pre-medication before any dental procedure, please take your antibiotics 60 minutes before your appointment with a small sip of water.
During the appointment, breathe through the nose only.

Recovery status will be assessed following the procedure. Only fully recovered individuals can be considered for discharge unaccompanied. Should any residual symptoms remain, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult? If the patient is 15 years or younger, they must be accompanied by a legal parent/guardian.


There is also the option of taking a sedative pill one hour before a dental procedure, which will provide a mild sedative effect. 



Do not eat or drink anything 6 hours before the procedure (small sips of water are allowed).
You must be accompanied by a responsible adult to escort you to the office and drive you home.
If you need to take medications before the procedure, it is allowed but only with SMALL SIPS OF WATER
If you develop a cold or your nose is blocked, please let us know.
Please remove any nail polish/varnish as it can interfere with our monitoring modalities.
Go to the bathroom before you enter the operatory room.
Wear comfortable clothing, giving us access to your arm to measure your blood pressure.
After the procedure is done, you must be escorted by a responsible adult and monitored for 6 hours post-treatment.
YOU CANNOT DRIVE AFTER ORAL SEDATION, please do not be rebellious and drive anyways.
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